Monster Energy Presents Season in Motorsports

Scott Tucker

2010 Intercontinental Cup of the North America Petit Le Mans series was a great step stone in the automobile racing history of Level 5 Motorsports. Indeed, this year saw great names like Scott Tucker, Christophe Bouchut and Joao Barbosa travel to for the racing calendar. Tucker especially stood out in the Cooper Tires Prototype Lites World-class Thursday where a victory brought him his third winner streak inside the Lites. Tucker later commented that the whole crew was to thank for this and that the atmosphere was perfect to participate in and compete against other racers. This achievement was especially rewarding since he was a defendant against drivers in the famous schedule of endurance races.

For the sake of separating Scott Tucker and motorsports, it is best to tell you that you cannot do that. These two are weaved so tightly. Tucker has been a part of this sport for years already and has gone from Overland to ALMS racing to Le Mans in France to Oklahoma and the North – right from humble Leawood, Kansas. Find online content and you would see photos and his schedule and a chance to upload new digital content yourself. There have been allegations and negative claims about him but reviews, articles, and even exclusive interviews on sites say that he is clean and has no lawsuit going against him.

You may be a follower of a race car driver and you’d definitely know Scott Tucker. This guy has had his share of championships and he knows how to please the crowd. His racing career is not yet over and reviews show that. Columns sing praises of him on any website out there. He will learn a circuit before he takes chase and the raceway will be his friend to get victories. Check the schedule of his auto races and find championship photos of him as well. You can also upload your own photos and other digital content if you are registered as a user on most sites. This guy from Kansas has definitely conquered America.


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